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Call for Special Session

Special Session papers will address any of the following variants:

  • Progress in current or recent research and development projects (Projects).
  • Demonstration proposals (Demos).
  • Ph.D. Thesis extended abstracts to compete in the Ph.D. Dissertation Award (Thesis).
    NOTE: It is NOT required to register or attend the conference to participate in this award. (See below)
  • Entrepreneurship session

Papers must be written in English and submission will be online. Papers must be submitted in PDF following the Interspeech 2022 format. Special Session papers will be included in the IberSPEECH2020 on-line proceedings.

  • The length for the thesis papers is the same than for regular papers (4+1).
  • The suggested length for projects and demos papers is 2 pages but there are no strict limits..
  • Papers in the Projects, Demos, Thesis and Entrepreneurship Special Session should be submitted selecting the appropriate option (Projects | Demos | Thesis | Spinoff ) in the submission form.
  • Papers accepted in the Special Session will be presented as posters in the sessions dedicated to this purpose.

Projects Session

The IberSPEECH2022 organizers invite submissions for project description. The IberSPEECH2022 project track aims at increasing visibility of current and recent research and development projects related to the Iberian Languages and creating a forum for collaboration in future research projects. Thus, project descriptions should allow participants to learn about the goals of the project and recent achievements produced. Intentions for future research projects and even search for partnerships are welcome.


Authors should provide sufficient details regarding the project goals, current status of the project, participants, achievements, etc. Developers are encouraged to focus their description on the relevance of the speech and language processing components in the project.  Supporting material, such as links to web-based applications are welcome. Submissions should follow the previous general guidelines. The suggested length is 2 pages, but there is no minimum length for the submissions: very brief project descriptions could be appropriate. Description documents should be submitted to the Projects Special session of the conference submission system.

Presentation format

Accepted projects will be presented at a designated projects session.

Demos Session

The IberSPEECH2022 demonstration track aims at bringing together Academia and Industry working on speech and natural language processing of the Iberian Languages and creating a forum allowing interactions beyond the written or spoken descriptions of research. Demos being presented in the session should optimally allow participants to try and test them during their presentation in a dedicated session adopting a more informal setting. Products, systems or tools are examples of acceptable demos. Both early-research prototypes and mature systems will be considered for presentation. The areas of interest include all topics related to theoretical and applied issues of written and spoken Iberian languages, such as (but not limited to) the topics listed for the conference paper submission.


Submissions should consist of a non-anonymous brief description document (there is no minimum length, since a demo can be described very briefly). Developers must outline the main characteristics of their systems, provide sufficient details to allow its evaluation and give information on how they plan to demonstrate their systems. Developers are encouraged to focus their description on the relevance of the speech and language processing component in the proposed system. Supporting material, such as videos of the demonstration or direct link to web-based applications are desirable but not mandatory. Description documents should be submitted to the Demo Special session of the conference submission system.

Presentation format

Accepted demos will be presented under the BYOD policy. Developers should make sure they can run their demos properly. Thus, it is the authors’ responsibility to bring the necessary technical equipment for their demo to run properly. Note that the local organizers will not be able to provide any hardware or software. If the conference is finally held in a face-to-face fashion, free high-speed Internet access will be available. A Best Demo Award will be given out to the best demo presented during the conference.

PhD Thesis Session

The IberSPEECH2022 organizers call out for submissions of Ph.D. extended abstracts which will be presented during the conference and will be evaluated for the Best Ph.D. Dissertation Award. This award recognizes the best of emerging academic work on processing of the Iberian languages and related issues, concluded in the three years preceding the ACCEPTANCE deadline. More information about the award will be available soon.

Submission Criteria and Procedure

Eligible entrants are those candidates who have successfully defended their dissertations in the three years preceding the 2022 acceptance deadline. A letter from the primary dissertation advisor must be sent by email to, stating that the candidate meets this eligibility criterion. Acknowledgment of reception will be sent by email.

The dissertation must focus on some aspect of processing of any of the Iberian languages and related issues. In general, any topic that falls within the scope of IberSPEECH2022 Call for papers is appropriate.
Each entry should be in the form of an extended abstract that includes the nature of the problem to be researched, relevant theory, hypotheses to be tested, method, analysis, and indicative references.

The extended abstract must be written in English (even if the thesis is written in another language) following the general guidelines of regular papers, including the length of the paper (4+1 pages, including references). A web link to the PhD thesis text can also be provided. Even if the Ph.D. thesis is planned to be presented after that date, the extended abstract must be submitted before the GENERAL SUMISSION deadline.

Presentation format

Accepted candidates will have the opportunity to present a poster at a designated Ph.D Thesis Special Session.