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The Iberspeech’2022 conference will be held at the ‘Salón de Grados‘ at the Facultad de Ciencias (UGR) in Campus Universitario de Fuentenueva, Granada (Spain).

The Facultad de Ciencias is located on the Campus Universitario de Fuentenueva, accessible from the Circunvalación de Granada (GR-30 motorway) at the Méndez Núñez exit.

Address: Fuente Nueva s/n. 18071 Granada.

Phone: 958 24 06 98/99

The Facultad de Ciencias is located in the center of the city, easily accessible from any point of the city, through which numerous bus lines pass, including a subway stop (Granada Metro). The train station is located nearby and is accessible on foot. It is located in an area with a great university atmosphere and the city historic center is just a few minutes walk away.


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