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Iberspeech 2022

Latest news on IberSPEECH 2022

(17/11/22) Today we have added a new web page with the latest news about IberSPEECH 2022 after its completion. Please, check the latest news at

IberSPEECH’2022 awards

(16/11/22) The Best PhD Thesis award and the Best Paper Award of IberSPEECH 2022 were granted today. Congratulations to the award winners. Best PhD Thesis award: Victoria Mingote (University of Zaragoza) for her PhD Thesis: Representation and Metric Learning Advances for Deep Neural Network Face… Leer más »IberSPEECH’2022 awards

IberSPEECH’2022 ended

(16/11/22) Today IberSPEECH’2022 has ended this morning. Thanks to all those who have made this conference possible, to the collaborators, to the authors and in general to all the attendees. The next edition of IberSPPECH will take place in Aveiro (Portugal) in 2024.

Advance of the Iberspeech’2022 Technical Program

(21/10/22)  An advance of the Iberspeech Technical Program is already available at the conference: Also, the Program-at-Glance is available at Over the next few days we will be completing this first version at the same website. Detailed information about the conference is available… Leer más »Advance of the Iberspeech’2022 Technical Program

Reminder about early registration

12/10/2022: We remind you that early registration is open (until October 18th) and that each accepted paper must be covered by at least one regular (non-student) registration before October 18th. Registration details at

IberSpeech 2022 keynote speakers

11/09/2022: We are proud to announce the keynote speakers of IberSpeech 2022. Simon Wiesler (@AmazonScience): «Utilizing context information in speech recognition for voice assistants» (Nov 14th). Massimiliano Todisco (@EURECOM): «Secure and explainable voice biometrics» (Nov 15th). Isabel Trancoso (@InescID): «Disease biomarkers in speech» (Nov 16th).… Leer más »IberSpeech 2022 keynote speakers


27/7/2022: We have updated the Accommodation web page. On that page you can find useful information on accommodation options for the IberSPEECH 2022 conference.

Keynote Speakers

27/7/2022: Please check the keynote speakers web page. We have published/updated the IberSPEECH 2022 keynote speakers information.